What we know about Layover, BTS member V's debut album

Release date, first song names and order of play revealed

South Korean singer V of BTS is all set to launch his solo album. Getty Images
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K-pop star V is the next member of BTS to announce a solo album.

Out on September 8, it will be preceded by the release of separate teasers for three news songs beginning on Tuesday.

With the album, V joins fellow bandmates Suga, RM, J-Hope and Jimin in releasing their own collections.

BTS member Jungkook, who scored a global hit with the Qatar World Cup anthem Dreamers, is also reportedly in the studio working on his first solo release with a date yet to be announced.

Until then, V will have the limelight relatively to himself as he makes his own claim to become the next big solo K-pop star.

Here is what to know about the upcoming album.

1. It is called Layover

The title was announced earlier this month in a cryptic video on the social media accounts of record label Big Hit Music.

The visual has packages, wrapped in purple tape and with the signature V, flying into an apartment block and landing outside homes.

This is followed by a cascade of similar parcels tumbling down before the scene blacks out.

2. Songs are meant to be listened to in order

The label revealed it will have a brief collection of five songs, all of which will come with their own music videos.

Interestingly, in this shuffle-friendly streaming era, the press release encourages fans to listen to the music in order to appreciate the overall vision behind Layover.

Further instruction has been provided in another posted image showcasing the names of three songs – Love Me Again, Rainy Days and Slow Dancing – which will have teasers released soon.

The latter track is circled, indicating Slow Dancing is likely to be an important song on Layover.

3. Expect polished pop and RnB sounds

As part of the announcement, Big Hit Music revealed what fans can expect from some of the individual tracks.

Love Me Again is described as an RnB track highlighting “V’s low pitch voice”, while For Us is a “pop RnB track that serves as an epilogue, stirring up deep emotions with V’s vocals and unique lyrics".

Updated: August 21, 2023, 9:03 AM