Captured British fighter shown under questioning by Russian forces

Andrew Hill spoke with a British accent and appeared in the video with bandages on his arm and head

Mykolaiv is a port city that has been under sustained Russian attack. Getty Images
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An injured British man, who says he is an international fighter captured in Ukraine, has been shown being questioned by Russian forces.

The Russian Defence Ministry released the video showing the man, who identifies himself as Andrew Hill, answering questions.

“I don't have a rank … I just know the foreign legion said I could help,” the man said when asked about his rank.

He is the third British citizen reported captured in Ukraine this week. Another has been killed.

Mr Hill, who spoke with a British accent, was shown with a bandaged left arm, a makeshift bandage around his head and blood on his right arm.

The ministry said he surrendered to Russian troops in the Mykolaiv region of south-western Ukraine. He was carrying a weapon, the ministry said.

Britain's Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The captured man told his Russian questioners that he was from Plymouth in south-west England and had four children and a partner.

He said he travelled of his own accord to help Ukraine in the conflict. Russian soldiers took his passport, he said.

When the man asked whether he was safe, one of the Russians answered: “Yes, you are safe absolutely.”

The Russians said he would receive medical care for his injuries, which appeared to include a bullet wound.

Two other British men have also been detained by Russian forces in Ukraine — Aiden Aslin, 28, and Shaun Pinner, 48.

Mr Pinner’s family issued a statement saying the former British Army soldier was not a volunteer or mercenary but was serving officially with the Ukrainian marines.

The family said they were working with the UK Foreign Office and the relatives of Mr Aslin to ensure their rights under the Geneva Conventions were respected.

In footage broadcast on the Rossiya 24 state TV channel, Mr Pinner addressed UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and appeared to ask for a prisoner swap.

Mr Aslin’s mother said she recognised her son in an earlier appearance on Russian television.

Scott Sibley, a British citizen, has been killed in Ukraine.

The UK government advised people not to go to fight in Ukraine, but to support the country in other ways.

Updated: April 30, 2022, 10:45 AM