Cars will be preferred mode of transport after coronavirus, UK study finds

New survey reveals trips by car will account for almost half of all journeys

Vehicles pass along the M6 motorway outside Manchester, England. PA Archives
Vehicles pass along the M6 motorway outside Manchester, England. PA Archives

A new survey from the Campaign for Better Transport has found that cars will continue to be the preferred method of travel after the coronavirus pandemic, accounting for about half of all journeys.

The study interviewed 2,129 UK adults in early March and discovered a preference for car travel follows patterns seen before the pandemic, as private vehicles remain the dominant mode for shopping, leisure and personal trips.

Respondents were asked what it would take for them to increase use of public transport.

Thirty per cent said less crowding, 29 per cent said cheaper tickets, another 29 per cent said better routes, and 26 per cent said more frequent services.

The survey concluded that the government "must act" to make people feel confident in using public transport.

Twenty per cent of UK adults said nothing would encourage them to increase their use of it, but the figure rose to 29 per cent among those older than 55.

Apple Maps data indicated that car use had returned to pre-pandemic levels in the UK.

While 43 per cent of UK adults were working entirely from their workplace before the Covid-19 pandemic, only a third planned to do so after restrictions begin to ease, the survey found.

The proportion who say they plan to work from home at least some of the time has risen to 29 per cent, from 24 per cent who did this before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Updated: April 14, 2021 12:08 AM


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