Woman admits biting police officer in Dubai street in row over ID card

Ugandan suspect left officer with 'badly-injured' hand

A woman has admitted biting a police officer's hand when he stopped her in the street and asked for her ID.

The Ugandan national, 24, left the Emirati cop with a significant injury that required hospital treatment, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

The woman was unemployed and living in the country illegally.

The police officer, 22, said the attack took place on October 24 this year as he patrolled the streets of the densely-packed Fareej Nasser neighbourhood in the Naif area of Deira.

He said the team of four were told to carry out strict security checks in the area.

“We suspected in the woman, who was walking down the street, and approached her. We showed her our IDs and then asked for hers, but she refused to show us any documents and ran away,” he said.

The officers gave chase and when they managed to catch her, she resisted them and bit his wrist.

“I was badly injured from her bite and was referred to Al Baraha Hospital for treatment,” said the officer.

In court on Sunday, she admitted assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest but denied knowing they were police.

“It's not true your honour, they didn't show me police ID cards," she said.

"I admit I bit him but I thought I was being harassed by some men."

A verdict will be issued on January 30.

Published: December 10, 2017 02:45 PM