Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 25 October 2020

UAE battle against Muslim Brotherhood extremism continues

Despite the imprisonment of 69 Islamists for sedition the UAE must continue to guard against conspiracies, a leading author has warned.

The battle against the extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood continues despite the imprisonment of 69 Islamists for sedition, a leading author has warned.

His book exposes the group's corrupt logic, which uses religion to spread extremism and destroy societies and minds, said Dr Salim Humaid, director general of Al Mezmaah Studies and Research Centre and author of the fifth volume of the centre's series, Roots of Conspiracy Against the UAE.

"Conspiracies and machination continue to seek to disintegrate intra-Arab relations," Dr Humaid said.

"Since its establishment, the UAE has not interfered in the internal affairs of any state. Rather, it has always offered unconditional assistance to other states and pursued cooperation with them. This is what has spared the UAE bilateral and regional conflicts."

The new book, The Brotherhood's Terrorism in the Writings of its Fugitive Leader Hassan El Doukki, published in Arabic, analyses the group's media rhetoric and related documents.

In a preface, Dr Humaid says the think tank is analysing an archive of the organisation's documents and publications.

Last month 69 Emiratis were imprisoned for up to 15 years for conspiracy to overthrow the state by establishing a secret organisation linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Updated: August 25, 2013 04:00 AM