Dubai biker arrested after risking lives with reckless road stunts

Police take action after footage of rider performing 'wheelies' and weaving in and out of traffic posted online

Dubai Police arrested a motorcyclist who performed dangerous stunts on the emirate's roads. Photo: Dubai Police
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Dubai Police have sent out a safety warning to the public after a motorcyclist was arrested for performing 'wheelies' on the emirate's roads while weaving through traffic at high speed.

The force took action against the rider after footage of his reckless behaviour was shared on social media.

Maj Gen Saif Al Mazroui, Dubai Police's director of traffic, said the offender had put the safety of other road users at "serious risk" during the stunt, which involves riding with the front wheel of the bike lifted high off the ground.

The motorcyclist was fined Dh50,000 ($13,610) and had 23 black points added to his licence, falling just short of an automatic driving ban. His motorbike was impounded by police.

Police did not disclose when or where the incident took place and did not disclose further details about the male rider.

Road users who receive 24 black points within the space of 12 months will have their licence suspended.

The length of the suspension is based on the severity of the offences.

"The video captured a motorcyclist engaging in dangerous behaviour, riding amid vehicles and performing stunts on one wheel, putting their safety and the safety of other road users at serious risk," said Maj Gen Al Mazroui.

The senior officer said 2,215 breaches of road rules by motorcyclists were recorded last year, while 858 bikes have been seized due to rule-breaking in the past seven months.

Maj Gen Al Mazroui, underlined the force's zero-tolerance approach to those putting lives at risk on the roads.

He said the majority of bikers who ride in a reckless manner are involved in accidents which lead to serious injuries and deaths.

The traffic chief urged members of the public to report dangerous road users by calling 901 or by using the Police Eye service on the Dubai Police smart app.

Police are stepping up efforts to boost road safety and tackle bad driving.

On Thursday, Dubai Police said a driver caught on camera forcing their way into the lane of another motorist before committing a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre had been fined Dh50,000 and given 23 black points.

Footage released by the force showed the Nissan Patrol travelling wheel-to-wheel with another vehicle in an attempt to pass in the left-hand lane of the busy Sheikh Zayed Road, then braking abruptly in front of the unsuspecting road user.

The car travelling a short distance behind was able to take evasive action and avoid a potentially fatal crash.

Updated: August 25, 2023, 11:46 AM