Teenager who threw cat at wall has ‘psychological complex’

Ajman student says he once had a pet cat that was possessed by a demon and that he has hated felines ever since.

AJMAN // Mohammed, the teen who threw a cat against a wall, says he has a “psychological complex” sparked by a former family pet that he claimed was possessed by a demon.

The electrical engineering student from Ajman said that he always thought about hitting cats whenever he saw them.

“My friends and family always stop me. I have a psychological complex against them due to the story that happened with me years ago,” he said.

“I am not the one who captured and published the video. And on Saturday I went to Al Hamidiya Police Station to know who posted the video on social media and to complain against them because they have no right to do that.”

Mohammed’s mother said her son had harboured a hatred for cats for years.

“I am a cat lover, and I love having them at the house and taking care of them,” she said. “But after that incident with the cat that we had before, I stopped adopting them because it has affected negatively on my son.

“He thinks that all cats are possessed by a demon.

“When I saw the video on Mohammed’s phone I got annoyed and upset by what he did, and his father and I blamed him because he should not do that with souls created by Allah.

“I always advise my son to not do that with cats and try to stop him if I see he would hurt one. People do not know Mohammed’s story with cats.”

But she said that she had been offended by the social media storm and that her family would be seeking justice against the woman they believed posted it online.

“They ask for animal rights but where is my right when everyone abused and insulted me by using bad words in the comments?” she asked.

“Where is my guilt? We have a right that we want to get from the person who published the video.”


Published: September 13, 2016 04:00 AM