Ramadan home decor tips — earthy and minimalism lead trends this year

A muted colour palette is dominating Ramadan collections in 2023

Ramadan star candle set at Crate and Barrel
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Minimalism appears to be a major interior design trend for Ramadan this year, and there are plenty of options to bring the concept to life as people start decorating their homes for the occasion.

Keeping a space muted and quiet has allowed people to find “comfort and tranquillity” in their homes, Crate & Barrel Middle East's senior visual merchandiser, Rhena Ahmadie, tells The National.

Ahmadie says people have been “eliminating as much 'noise' around them as they can, so they can have their own mini sanctuary while at home.” It is in line with what the holy month represents, she adds.

This could take many forms, from incorporating lanterns and table-top decor with muted, earthy and neutral colours, to the prominent of use of white coupled with silver, gold or rose metallic accents.

Ramadan decor trends for 2023 — in pictures

Psychological appeal

“Seasonal decor can provide a refreshing and novel touch to our surroundings and home,” says a representative for Ace Hardware, “which can have a positive impact on our mood and mental well-being”.

More than its mental and emotional benefits, decorating for Ramadan also helps people better connect with their culture and traditions by creating a celebratory atmosphere at home.

“This feeling of belonging can be quite comforting and reassuring,” says Adriana Kostic, head of marketing at Pan Emirates. “Decorating for Ramadan can bring about a sense of excitement and freshness. It can boost your mood and create a feeling of anticipation for the coming celebrations, giving you something to look forward to.”

Ramadan decor trends this year

Keeping design choices minimal is key to adding an “understated sophistication” to a home. This could mean using furniture and decor “with a focus on natural elements like greenery, natural textures and tones, and neutral colours”, according to Kostic.

Muted hues of blue, pink and green are also featured in various Ramadan home collections in the UAE this year.

“Taking one colour motif, and distributing it in different tones across the household is common, all while tying it together with a foundation piece,” Ahmadie says.

Silsal Joud teapot by Crate & Barrel; Dh299.00. Photo: Crate & Barrel

Handcrafted products made with natural materials such as wood, ceramics and rattan add texture to a space. Ace Hardware, for instance, is currently selling basket-like lanterns, and the colour palette features seasonally familiar earthy and muted tones.

The goal, according to Ace Hardware, is to create a more “laid-back and casual” look and feel, taking inspiration from nature.

Although pastel colours seem to dominate Ramadan catalogues this year, there are still numerous classic white products, often embellished with metallic tones.

“One of the key trends this year is the use of marble and gold elements, due to the touch of sophistication they add to the overall design,” says Richard Snowball, general manager at Royal Furniture.

“These timeless pieces will continue to dominate the regional scene and add a touch of elegance and charm to any space,” he adds.

Kross eight-seater dining table from Royal Furniture; Dh1,680; Photo: Royal Furniture

Aside from the essentials, there are also a number of contemporary accessories available for buyers to choose from. Crescent moon trees are back in stores, and Crate & Barrel is reselling its LED light version. There are also hand-knotted rugs, as well as decorative tableware with floral prints.

Dos and don'ts

Ahmadie summarises this year's trends with some tips to ensure a cosy and inviting atmosphere that could capture the essence of Ramadan.

  • Keep it simple
  • Don't overdo colours and prints and focus on one colour tone or a more neutral colour palette
  • Pick a theme and choose complementary prints and textures
  • Don't mix too many patterns that will make the environment feel heavy
  • Try accents, such as using decor with gold trims or putting a blue chair in a neutral seating area

Scroll through the gallery below for last year's Ramadan decor trends

Updated: March 21, 2023, 3:33 AM