Man admits in Dubai court to taking heroin and hiding it in laundry room

Unemployed Emirati says he would only speak to his dealer over the phone and never in person, and that he lost contact with him.

DUBAI // A man is accused of possessing drugs that he hid inside a small iron pipe in his laundry room at home, Dubai Criminal Court has heard.

Unemployed Emirati MA, 37, is charged with possessing 3.43 grams of heroin and with consuming drugs, which he confessed to in court on Wednesday morning.

Dubai Police’s anti-narcotics department got a tip-off about the man. “He is known to us because he has a criminal record for drug-related offences,” testified police officer AA, 37.

He added that, after obtaining an arrest warrant, the defendant was apprehended at his house on November 25 last year.

“He confessed during questioning that he bought the heroin in return for Dh1,500 from a Pakistani man whom he said he did not know and that he left him the drug under the exit sign of a petrol station located on Dubai-Al Ain Road,” added AA.

The officer went on to say that the defendant would contact his dealer via phone but that, after buying the drugs, the Pakistani had changed his number and he had lost contact with him.

The forensics report confirmed that MA’s urine sample contained traces of drugs.

He awaits a verdict on February 2.

Published: January 27, 2016 04:00 AM