Friday sermon: forgiveness and tolerance are signs of inner strength

The sermon will tell worshippers about the importance of mercy and empathy

The way to feel at peace is by forgiving others and letting go of any hatred, the worshippers will hear on Friday.

Forgiveness and tolerance are noble values that indicate a strength of morality.

The importance of mercy and empathy was emphasised in a story about the Prophet Mohammed told by one of his companions, Anas bin Malik.

He said the Prophet once told him: “A man among the inhabitants of Paradise will appear before you.”

Soon after, a man from the Ansar – one of the people who emigrated to Makkah from Madinah with the Prophet – walked past.

The same thing happened the next day, and the day after.

The third time, Anas bin Malik followed the man to see what he did to ensure a place in Paradise, to find that he was not particularly pious.

He asked him: “What is it that you do that allowed you to reach what the Prophet told us?”

The man responded: “I do not find in my heart hatred and rancour against any of the believers. And I am not jealous against any of them for the good that Allah may have given them.”

The man never envied nor hated another. He would not sleep until his heart was free of rancour, rather full of contentment. Being pure of spirit, his mind was at rest and free of worries.