Sheikha Fatima announces theme for Emirati Women's Day

Mother of the Nation aims to shine a light on important contribution women can make in growth of UAE

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Sheikha Fatima set the stage for women to play a pivotol role in the UAE's future after announcing the theme for this year's Emirati Women's Day.

The Mother of the Nation revealed the landmark day celebrated on August 28 will have the theme "Preparing for the next 50 years: women are the support of the nation".

The motto is in line with a nationwide strategy unveiled late last year to make 2020 a time to prepare for the country's Golden Jubilee next year and lay foundations for the next half century.

Sheikha Fatima, chairwoman of the General Women's Union and president of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, said women proved they could help to shape the country's development.

She said the UAE must consider the rights of women in the decades that lie ahead and ensure they are empowered to make a significant contribution.

Noura Al Suwaidi, director of the women's union, said the organisation was working with private and public sector partners to update the National Strategy for the Empowerment of Emirati Women 2015-2021.

Sheikha Fatima launched Emirati Women’s Day in 2015 to bring recognition to the crucial role of women in the country.

The annual celebration coincides with the founding of the General Women's Union in 1975.

In 2017 Sheikha Fatima, wife of the late Founding Father Sheikh Zayed, was honoured by UN Women, a global champion for gender equality.

Since last year's Emirati Women's Day, the UAE struck a blow for equality by ensuring half of its 40 Federal National Council members were women after a decree by President Sheikh Khalifa.

The membership of the council is now equally represented after the latest elections in October.