Female candidate disqualified from FNC race

Officials did not provide detail on the nature of the infringement

The FNC in session. The National
The FNC in session. The National

A female candidate has been disqualified from standing in the Federal National Council elections on October 5.

The woman, who has not been named, was barred for violating campaign rules, the National Election Committee announced on Tuesday.

Officials did not provide details on the nature of the infringement, but stated the issue related to Article 47, section A, of the FNC election code.

The rule stipulates the need to preserve the values and principles of society, abide by ‎regulations and respect public order‏.‏

“All legal procedures will be taken against violators,” said the committee in a statement.

The FNC is one of five federal authorities established by the UAE constitution. It held its first session on December 2, 1972.

Its members represent each of the seven emirates and their role includes passing, amending or rejecting draft federal law.

Half of its 40 members are currently elected via the public vote and the remainder are appointed.

A recent government decree announced that of the 20 elected members who win seats in the coming election, half should be women.

More than 330,000 UAE citizens, about a quarter of the Emirati population, were eligible to run in this year’s election, the fourth in the UAE’s history.

About 550 candidates registered to take part, with this figure whittled down to a preliminary list of 499 people by the Committee on September 3.

Since then, following a number of candidates voluntarily withdrawing from the race as well as exclusions, the number has been reduced to 478.

All candidates are closely monitored by the Committee to ensure they comply with election rules.

Anyone found to break regulations can face a fine of up to Dh5,000 as well as disqualification.

Last week, more than a dozen candidates were sent official warnings by the Committee over potential campaign violations.

Updated: September 25, 2019 01:14 PM


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