Decision to relocate proved to be right for Abu Dhabi government employee

Government employee finds decision to move to Abu Dhabi was the right one for his family.

Raheem Ali Zindani, a government employee, believes his move to Abu Dhabi two weeks ago was the right decision.

He moved to the UAE in 2009, and while he found accommodation in Dubai, he could not find a job in the emirate, which was struggling after the property bubble burst.

Instead, he found a job in Abu Dhabi and, unwilling to uproot his wife and young baby, continued to live in Dubai and make the daily commute.

When the new housing rules were announced, Mr Zindani began searching for a new home for his family and a school for his child.

The process, he said, was surprisingly easy. Thanks to helpful online information provided by Abu Dhabi Education Council, he found a suitable school and enrolled his child in January.

He also found similarly priced accommodation to his Dh70,000-a-year, two-bedroom flat in Dubai, and has now moved into a three-bedroom apartment costing Dh83,000.

Coupled with saving the time and money of a daily commute, Mr Zindani said it had not been a sacrifice to move and he had happily adjusted to life in Abu Dhabi.

Published: August 18, 2013 04:00 AM