Salesman stabs roommate during row in kitchen, Dubai court told

The defendant told the court that he was provoked but did not intend to kill the man

A salesman stabbed his roommate after the two fought while he was making himself lunch, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On October 29, the Sudanese defendant, 22, was making lunch at this residence in Naif when his roommate, 51, entered the kitchen.

“We had our differences before, but on the day of the incident, he was holding the kitchen knife and suddenly attacked me with it stabbing me twice in the chest,” said the Sudanese roommate.

The roommate ran out of the kitchen and called police.

“Paramedics took the victim to Rashid Hospital where they said he suffered from a penetrative stab wound to the left side of the chest, which caused internal bleeding,” said a Yemeni policeman, 55.

During police questioning, the accused said he had no intention of killing his roommate.

“He told me that things happened very quickly and he used the small kitchen knife he was cutting the vegetables with. He also said that he was provoked after the victim allegedly insulted him,” said the officer.

The defendant did not attend court on Tuesday to face an attempted murder charge.

He will receive his verdict on May 15.

Published: April 24, 2018 02:22 PM