Man accused of Dubai villa raids caught out after failing to wear mask, court hears

A man accused of two burglaries in as many weeks has appeared in court

A raider who snatched Dh8,000 from a Dubai villa was caught out thanks to his failure to wear his mask in a subsequent crime, a court heard.

An opportunist offender was spotted sneaking into a Jumeirah Park property on November 6 of last year after the homeowner reviewed his security camera footage and then alerted police.

Two weeks later, another burglary was reported in the same area, with CCTV footage showing an unmasked man wearing the same clothing as the intruder in the previous incident.

“We checked CCTV footage which showed the thief was unmasked but he was in the same clothes he had worn in the burglary of the villa in Jumeirah park community,” said a police officer.

The suspect, a Pakistani mechanic, 36, was tracked down and arrested at an apartment in Al Quoz.

He attempted to flee from his officers before being restrained.

In court, the defendant was charged with theft, resisting arrest and assaulting officers, which he denied.

The hearing has been adjourned until March 22.