Dubai farm worker jailed after running over colleague in sheep feed row

Bangladeshi man loses appeal over attempted murder conviction

A furious farm worker who ran over a colleague in his employer's car after a bitter row over sheep feed will spend six months behind bars.

The 58-year-old deliberately drove into the fellow worker, breaking both his arms, before trying to reverse over him.

The violent incident on February 1 of this year was sparked when the victim - whose age and nationality were not disclosed in court records - asked the Bangladeshi offender to deliver the feed from their employer's home to a farm in Lihbab, Dubai.

The defendant protested that the container carrying the feed was too dirty for use and demanded it be changed.

After the pair hurled abuse at each other, the defendant jumped in the car and struck the man.

β€œHe [the defendant] became upset because the feed was in a dirty container and asked the victim to transfer it to a clean one,” said a witness to the dispute.

The defendant insisted in court he had struck the victim by accident.

The man was convicted of attempted murder at Dubai Criminal Court in June but lodged an appeal against the verdict.

Dubai Court of Appeal rejected his bid for acquittal, ordering him to see out the six-month term.

He will be deported on release from jail.

Published: September 10, 2019 01:59 PM