Abu Dhabi releases construction death statistics

it was the first time Abu Dhabi Municipality collected accident date for a full 12 months.

ABU DHABI // Ten people died in 29 construction accidents on building sites in the capital last year.

It was the first time Abu Dhabi Municipality collected accident data for a full 12 months, according to Abdulaziz Zurub, the head of health and safety.

Workers falling from a height and being hit by falling objects were the most common hazards for labourers on sites, but unsafe scaffolding and open shafts were also common.

In 2010, there were 101 deaths due to occupational injuries or road injuries related to work, according to statistics released by the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi. These statistics are collected from mortuaries each month.

Seventy-five workers died while working in 2010, a 9 per cent decrease from the year before, according to the Haad data.

However, that is a 10 per cent increase from 2008 and 14 per cent more than 2007.

Only 3 per cent of those killed at work were Emiratis, and only 4 per cent of occupational road accidents involved Emiratis.

Statistics for on-the-job injury deaths for 2011 are expected early next month.