UK owner puts Dh4m 'ET11 HAD' number plate up for sale

Mystery seller hoping for Emiratis to enter bidding for registration plate inspired by Etihad, the Arabic word for union

The ET11 HAD plate has been put up for sale by an unnamed UK owner. Photo: Superluxe
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Patriotic Emiratis are being urged to enter the bidding for a unique 'ET11 HAD' number plate which is up for sale in the UK for a cool £975,000 (Dh4 million, $1.1 million).

A British entrepreneur, whose identity has not been disclosed, wants the plate to be purchased by a buyer who values the word Etihad.

Etihad means union in Arabic, and is also widely known as the name of Abu Dhabi's airline and the country's national rail project, as well as the stadium of English Premier League champions Manchester City.

The number plate is registered with the UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Stuart Matthewson, of luxury events and consulting firm, Superluxe, is representing the owner for the sale of the precious plate.

“My client is looking for a direct buyer and he is willing to accept a sensible offer,” said Mr Matthewson.

He said his client would like to sell to an Emirati who wants the registration plate for their own UK car, as a gift or as an investment.

“He wants the number registration to go to someone who values the word Etihad which mean union in Arabic,” said Mr Matthewson.

It would prove to a fitting — if somewhat expensive — purchase as the UAE gears up to celebrate its formation once again on December 2, its 51st National Day.

Anyone keen to make an offer can contact Mr Matthewson on

Number plates garner huge interest among motoring enthusiasts in the UAE. In 2016, Indian businessman Balwinder Sahni paid Dh33 million ($8.9 million) for plate D5.

In April, Abu Dhabi's exclusive “2" car number plate sold for Dh23.3 million at a charity auction for a global free meals campaign.

A total of Dh111 million was raised for rare licence plates, as well as exclusive mobile phone numbers.

Proceeds from the Most Noble Numbers event went to the One Billion Meals initiative to provide food for people in need in 50 countries during Ramadan and beyond.

The RTA sold 100 plates and raised Dh36.5 million at a previous auction in December last year.

Plate Z 31 was sold for Dh2,820,000 and V10000 for Dh920,000 while W500 and O66666 each fetched Dh840,000.

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Updated: November 27, 2022, 10:33 PM