Filipino boy, 5, praised for honesty by Dubai Police after finding Dh4,000 in cash

He alerted his father, who handed in the sum to officers

Nigel Ners found the money in Al Qusais. Image Dubai police.

A boy of 5 was hailed as a “role model for others” after helping to ensure Dh4,000 he found in Dubai was handed to police.

Nigel Ners, from the Philippines, discovered the large sum of cash in Al Qusais district of the emirate.

He gave the money to his father who then delivered it to police.

Nigel received a certificate of appreciation from the force.

Brig Abdulhalim Muhammad Al Hashmi, director of Al Qusais Police Station, said the good deed set a fine example for the public.

“He is a role model for others and honouring him is part of our efforts to encourage the public to help in achieving security,” said Brig Al Hashmi.

Brig Al Hashmi said the force was eager to work with the public to boost safety and encouraged community spirit.

Police did not disclose when the money was found and it is not clear if the rightful owner has been located.

Hope is never lost

Dubai Police have a comprehensive lost and found system, established in the 1980s, which uses cutting-edge technology.

The Smart Found Items Programme is a database made up of lost items which can be easily tracked by officers.

It is in use at businesses, hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, airports and public parks in the emirate and was in operation at Expo 2020 Dubai.

While returning lost items to the public is a challenging task, police have enjoyed their fair share of recent successes.

In February, Dubai Police returned Dh9,000 to a tourist after she lost her bag before boarding a plane from Dubai International Airport.

A month earlier, A German passenger flying through Dubai International Airport was pleasantly surprised when police in the emirate returned €33,600 (Dh140,000) he had lost.

Siegfried Tellbach was flying from Germany to Thailand via Dubai International Airport when he lost his bag. He realised the money was missing when he reached Thailand.

The money was returned when he landed in Dubai on his return journey.

Updated: April 07, 2022, 12:44 PM