UAE weather: Thick fog hampers visibility on roads

Weather warning issued with speed limits reduced on many Abu Dhabi roads

Thick fog blanketed parts of the UAE for another day on Tuesday and police reduced speed limits on several motorways.

The murky weather settled over various areas north and south of Abu Dhabi city in the early hours.

Abu Dhabi Police, who routinely reduce speed limits in the emirate during spells of low visibility, issued a message on social media urging motorists to drive cautiously.

The speed limit was cut to 80 kilometres per hour on a number of motorways, including the Abu Dhabi-Al Ghwaifat road.

The fog is expected to lift by 9.30am, leaving a mainly sunny day with a moderate breeze.

It will be cloudier in Abu Dhabi city, where temperatures will reach 34°C. Dubai will be sunnier and warmer, reaching highs of 37°C.

But it will be hottest in Al Ain and near the southern border with Saudi Arabia, where the temperature will reach up to 41°C.

Winds will be light to moderate and conditions in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will be calm.

Humidity will return overnight, raising the risk of further mist on Wednesday.

Temperatures will continue to inch up throughout the remainder of the working week, reaching highs of 41°C on Friday in Abu Dhabi and 40°C in Dubai.

They will remain similarly high at the weekend.

Abu Dhabi fog — in pictures

Updated: April 05, 2022, 7:08 AM