Large parts of UAE hit by fog as weather alerts are issued

Speeds reduced on some Abu Dhabi roads due to low visibility

The UAE was hit by another bout of fog on Thursday morning. Victor Besa / The National

A series of weather alerts were issued and speed limits were slashed on Abu Dhabi roads after thick fog blanketed much of the country on Thursday morning.

The National Centre of Meteorology said fog would shroud large sections of the Emirates until 9.30am.

It issued an alert over the challenging conditions on Wednesday evening before posting updates on social media at about 5am and 6am.

The notice warned visibility would be reduced to less than 1,000 metres in many cases and fog formations would remain in place until 9.30am.

A partly cloudy but fair day is then expected, with temperatures set to hit 30°C in some areas of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The NCM recorded foggy conditions extending beyond 7am over Sharjah International Airport and scattered areas of Al Dhafra

Abu Dhabi Police reduced speed limits to 80kmph on a number of routes, including Maktoum bin Rashid Road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and the Al Ain-Dubai Road.

It comes as foggy conditions have repeatedly rolled in across the UAE over the past few weeks, leading to treacherous conditions on its roads.

Experts advise motorists to switch on their fog lights, switch off hazard lights, drive at a reasonable speed and to be disciplined when moving between lanes.

The NCM forecast further fog over some coastal areas on Friday, but clearer conditions are expected over the weekend.

Fog in the UAE - in pictures

Updated: February 24, 2022, 4:08 AM