Take five: from board game to silver screen

With Universal Pictures' plans to make a feature film based on the Ouija board game, a look at other games that made it from living room to movie theatre.

Universal Pictures recently announced it would not proceed with plans to make a feature film based on Hasbro's popular fortune-telling board game Ouija. The difficulties inherent in bringing a board game to the big screen have not deterred other filmmakers, however. Here are five other adaptations.

Take Five... Clue (1985)

Based on the board game Clue (North America) and Cluedo (Britain), the 1985 comedy murder-mystery was set in a gothic mansion where six strangers were invited for dinner and given pseudonyms to protect their identities. Starring Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull and Tim Curry, the film was so faithful to the board game that it was released to theatres with three different endings. Plans for a remake, however, were also recently shelved.

Take Four... Jumanji (1995)

This Robin Williams-led fantasy-comedy centres on a supernatural board game allowing its animals to come to life in the players' worlds. Renowned for its dazzling computer graphics and special effects.

Take Three... Battleship (2012)

Liam Neeson plays the title role in this adaptation, due to hit theatres next year. It's unclear if the phrase "you sunk my..." will make it into the script.

Take Two... Candy Land: The Movie (Undated)

The scriptwriters for the film, who also penned Kung Fu Panda 2 told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year they envisioned the film as Lord of the Rings "set in a world of candy".

Take One... Monopoly: The Movie (Undated)

News of the Monopoly film first surfaced late last year and has since picked up steam, with Ridley Scott set to direct. Speaking to MTV, Scott said the film would have a comedic bent. "The most amusing thing about Monopoly is it can turn your benign aunt or your benign sweet little grandmother into a monster," he said. We await the results.

Published: August 31, 2011 04:00 AM