Mohamed Salah makes a splash with new Adidas advert

The Liverpool player, who has superhero status among some football fans, can run on water

It has been a few months since we've had an entertaining Mohamed Salah advert appearance - but now we've got one and it certainly does not disappoint.

The 27-year-old, known as the Egyptian King at Liverpool and in his homeland, already has a God-like status among many football fans, and his special abilities now seemingly stretch beyond just scoring goals by the bucket-load.

In the advert for the Adidas X19 boot range, Salah can be seen next to a rural lake where he sets up a camera, takes hold of a football, juggles it a few times and then volleys it into the distance where it lands in the water.

Without scuba gear or a boat, that would be a lost ball for most people.

Not for Salah. He can run on water.

He goes tearing down the bank with the speed usually reserved for the wings at Anfield.

Instead of sinking without a trace into the dark depths of the lake, he strides across the top with the grace of a swan, making barely a splash as he goes.

Sadly, we don't get to see whether he successfully retrieves the ball or not.

Still, it's nice work by Adidas.

The football brand labelled the advert "fast, faster" as it tagged Salah on Twitter, while Salah wrote "Speed + Water = surfing emoji" on his account.

Salah has become an increasing fixture on commercial breaks around the world as his marketing value has risen on the back of success with Liverpool and his popularity as the Arab world's top footballer.

Forbes magazine revealed in June that Salah was in its top 100 highest paid athletes of the year for the first time, ranking him at No 98.

Forbes puts Salah's earnings at $25.1 million a year (over Dh92m), with $16.1m of that coming from salary and winnings, and $9m from endorsements.

In the same month, he starred in a slick clip for Mobil Super engine oil, which was called "Moving Millions", and it left has fans impressed.

He's also appeared in recent adverts for Vodafone Egypt, Pepsi alongside Lionel Messi, and in January he was involved in a long-running saga involving DHL which led to him leaving social media only to return with a touching video.

Updated: August 22, 2019 05:35 AM


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