How to get tickets to the Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Applications are now open for football fans to obtain tickets for the November 21 - January 18 tournament

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An initial batch of tickets for the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 went on sale on Wednesday, with a limited number made available to residents and migrant workers in the country at a discounted price of $11.

The application process to enter the draw for tickets is now open for everyone, so here is all you need to know to secure your place at the World Cup.

Create account

To apply for Qatar World Cup tickets, you first need to register a ticketing account on the Fifa website, which can be done here.

Once you have registered, you will be given the option to apply either for individual match tickets, a four-stadium ticket series, or a team specific ticket series.

Select ticket options

If opting for individual match tickets, you will be presented with the full list of fixtures in date order, from the group stage all the way up to the final. As the draw for the World Cup is not made until April 1, and the deadline for ticket applications is February 8, you will not know which specific matches you are applying for.

For individual match tickets, you can apply for up to six tickets per match and up to 60 tickets across the whole tournament.

The four-stadium ticket series option bundles together four individual tickets, at four different stadiums, on four consecutive days. Similar to the individual match tickets, each applicant can apply for up to six four-stadium ticket series.

The team specific ticket series allows fans the opportunity to apply only for tickets to attend games of a certain team. Three, four, and seven tickets are available in this series. The three-ticket bundle includes only the three group games of the chosen team; four tickets comprise the group games and the last-16; and seven tickets encompass the group games and entry to each of the knockout rounds, including the final.

If your chosen team does not make it out of the group and you purchase the four-ticket series, you will still attend the last-16 match with the valid ticket. Likewise, with the seven-ticket series: you will still be able to attend each of the games, regardless if your team is eliminated prior to that round.

Price of tickets

The price of World Cup tickets varies based on the round and the category. There are three ticket categories: Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3. There are also Accessibility Tickets exclusive reserved for people with disabilities and limited mobility.

Individual match ticket prices

Group stage: Category 3 tickets - QAR 250 (around $69), Category 2 - QAR 600 (around $165), and Category 1 - QAR 800 (around $220).

Round of 16: Category 3 tickets - QAR 350 (around $96), Category 2 - QAR 750 (around $205), and Category 1 - QAR 1000 (around $275).

Quarter-finals: Category 3 tickets - QAR 750 (around $205), Category 2 - QAR 1050 (around $288), and Category 1 - QAR 1550 (around $425).

Semi-finals: Category 3 tickets - QAR 1300 (around $357), Category 2 - QAR 2400 (around $660), and Category 1 - QAR 3480 (around $955).

Third-place playoff: Category 3 tickets - QAR 750 (around $205), Category 2 - QAR 1100 (around $302), and Category 1 - QAR 1550 (around $425).

Final: Category 3 tickets - QAR 2200 (around $605), Category 2 - QAR 3650 (around $1002), and Category 1 - QAR 5850 (around $1606).

Four-stadium ticket series prices

Category 3 tickets are priced at QAR 1,000 (around $275), QAR 1,200 (around $330), and QAR 1850 (around $508), depending on the selection of fixtures.

Category 2 tickets are available at at QAR 2400 (around $600), QAR 2700 (around $740), and QAR 3400 (around $934).

Category 1 tickets start at QAR 3200 (around $878), and rise to QAR 3600 (around $988) and QAR 4650 (around $1277), depending on fixtures.

Team specific ticket series prices

Three-ticket series: Category 3 - QAR 825 (around $226), Category 2 - 1980 (around $544), and Category 1 - QAR 2640 (around $725)

Four-ticket series: Category 3 - QAR 1210 (around $332), Category 2 - 10615 (around $770), and Category 1 - QAR 3740 (around $1027)

Seven-ticket series: Category 3 - QAR 5885 (around $1616), Category 2 - 2805 (around $2915), and Category 1 - QAR 15708 (around $4314)

Deadline for ticket applications

Anyone interested in obtaining tickets for the Qatar World Cup needs to register and submit their selections before February 8. You will not be charged any money for the tickets at this stage.

Once Fifa has completed the random selection draw, you will be notified by email regarding which tickets you have obtained and with further information about payment, including the steps to follow and the deadline to pay for your tickets. Applicants will be notified no earlier than March 8.

Chances of receiving selected tickets

Given the huge demand for World Cup tickets, there is no guarantee you will be allocated the tickets you applied for. As Fifa explains on the ticket website: Each ticket application can either be completely successful (with all tickets requested being allocated), partially successful (with only part of the tickets requested being allocated), or unsuccessful (with no tickets requested being allocated).

When is the 2022 Qatar World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar begins on November 21 and runs until the final on December 18. There will be 32 national teams competing, divided into eight groups of four based on seeding.

France are the reigning champions having defeated Croatia 4-2 in the 2018 final in Russia.

Updated: January 20, 2022, 6:58 AM