‘Old-timer’ Jocelyn Henderson was a pleasure to meet

A reader praises writer and former ambassador’s wife Jocelyn Henderson. Christopher Pike / The National
A reader praises writer and former ambassador’s wife Jocelyn Henderson. Christopher Pike / The National

I enjoyed your story about Jocelyn Henderson (The Gulf Wife: Abu Dhabi ‘old-timer’ releases memoir, December 8).

I’ve had the privilege of meeting this lady. She is quite formidable and, at the same time, a lovely person.

Tracey Gilby, Abu Dhabi

Tragedy should not be linked to traditional veil

In reference to Reem Island murder sparks social media debate on the niqab (December 9), I note that the suspect in the case has been caught.

The fact that she was wearing a niqab didn’t hinder the police’s ability to catch her, so it should be a non-issue.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of criminals on the loose around the world who commit crimes with nothing covering their faces.

This isn’t, and shouldn’t be turned into a religious or cultural issue. The Reem Island “ghost” doesn’t represent Islam or Emiratis.

Angela Rihia-Tamaki, Abu Dhabi

The niqab is a traditional garment that has been in this country for a very long time. We cannot change that.

My mother and other female members of my family wear the niqab. It doesn’t mean they are bad people.

Michelle Salem, Dubai

On the same day as the Reem Island tragedy, there were four murders in my home town, Washington DC. At least one of them was a stranger murder.

Sadly, this number is not remarkable. Washington only ranks eighth in the United States for the number of homicides per capita.

As an American expatriate in Abu Dhabi, I grieve for the loss of Ibolya Ryan’s life and for the children she left behind. I also feel the heartbreak that this event has caused at every level of society in the UAE.

However, I am safer here than any other place I can imagine. I will continue to enjoy the luxury of living in a secure city – only now, I will do so with even more gratitude towards the officials who keep us all safe.

M Goodhouse, Abu Dhabi

We should show respect for rules

I refer to Abu Dhabi courts consider marriage in lieu of punishment (December 5).

We live in a conservative Arab country and we all should abide by the rules that prohibit sex before marriage.

Jen Bishop, Abu Dhabi

I don’t think that marriage is the sole answer to this problem.

It might work in some cases but, as a comment on The National’s Facebook page noted, often there appears to be no love between the two parties.

Name withheld by request

Higher salaries are no answer

I disagree with the idea that pay rises will fix the cost-of-living problems some people are having (Why making ends meet simply isn’t enough for UAE expats struggling with rising costs, December 6).

If people’s salaries are adjusted to accommodate the rise in costs, then costs will simply rise again. Nothing is solved.

Prices go up and down forgood reasons. If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it. If too many people can afford it, then the market will adjust so that fewer people can afford it.

The supply-demand explanation doesn’t go into details and it overlooks other factors, but it broadly sums up the situation.

Talal Adel, Abu Dhabi

Dubai has been really good to me. I have progressed very quickly in my career and I will always be grateful for that.

However, when the time comes to start a family and pay school fees and medical bills, it’s really not feasible if a quarter of my income goes on housing.

I could choose to live somewhere more affordable, but what is the point of spending four hours a day travelling to and from work?

Adrian Rooney, Dubai

Wherever you choose to live, you must do so within your means.

I save some money every month and still go on holidays and have a great life.

I don’t need to have the best of everything, just the best life I can have. If I didn’t have a good time in the UAE, I wouldn’t stay. The four years I have spent here have been the best of my life.

Val Hart, Ras Al Khaimah

Man’s act of love is truly inspiring

A humble postman builds a Taj Mahal for his wife (December 8) caught my attention.

This is a great step by an ordinary man. I salute his intentions and spirit.

Parvez Akhtar, India

Published: December 9, 2014 04:00 AM


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