Avoid tailgating as it is a disaster waiting to happen

Our readers have their say on road etiquette, rain damage, dialogue between countries, and the fundamental rights in a democracy

Sheikh Zayed Road, in Abu Dhabi. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National
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With regard to Ruba Haza's report Abu Dhabi to activate traffic cameras that detect tailgating this month (January 6): boggles the mind that people don't understand the dangers of tailgating. Whether someone hogs the left lane or not, you do have a choice to not engage in reckless driving. Yes, it is reckless to drive that close to another car at high speeds.

Malinda Smalberger, Abu Dhabi

What kind of driving discipline are you demonstrating by tailgating? Never mind who is right or wrong. You are endangering lives by doing so, including your own.

Jeff Holzl, Kuala Lumpur

The Raisina Dialogue should help develop India's soft power

With reference to Taniya Dutta's article India showcases global aspirations with Raisina Dialogue (January 13): the summit in New Delhi will raise the issues of trade wars, global security, climate change and many topics, including fake news. About 2,000 delegates from various countries and ministers are expected to attend, including Russia and Iran. India may want to clarify its stand on the recent controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and expand its soft power. Hope these talks pave the way for India's understanding in the global arena.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Protests show a democracy is vibrant and alive

This is with regard to your report India's top court says internet shutdown in Kashmir is illegal (January 10). In any democracy, the right to protest is paramount and inalienable. Every person is important. So even after a decision is taken by the majority, if some individuals disagree, they have the right to protest and make their voice heard. If they do not protest, who will listen to them? Protests show that a democracy is alive and vibrant. However, the remonstrations have to be peaceful, without loss of human life and public property. The right to dissent, is not a license for vandalism.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

The flooding in the UAE should be used as a positive learning experience

With reference to Ramola Talwar Badam's report Dubai airport flooding: Flights delayed or cancelled (January 11): it wasn't "extreme" and it wasn't even the worst I have seen since being here. What's weird is why there were so many problems this time. I just hope it's used as a positive learning exercise.

Michael Grantham, Al Ain

The rain caused a management crisis. We need to learn to invest in crisis management as a sector.

Steven Caeser Mutyaba, Dubai

We were stuck in traffic for a long time due to the rain. It is unusual for a country like the UAE because they don’t normally have to handle large quantities of water. For us in Lebanon, we expect these sorts of inconveniences.

Muhieddine Y Mohammad, Beirut