The UAE has an array of both private and public hospitals that cover most medical needs.

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In order to visit any hospital in the UAE you are supposed to have medical insurance. If you do not have a provider in your home country, the national health insurance company Daman offers holiday coverage. It is very important to arrange health insurance for yourself and your family before arriving in the UAE.

Five well-known hospitals in Abu Dhabi emirate are:

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City is managed by the Cleveland Clinic, and has multiple family medicine clinics throughout Abu Dhabi.
Call centre is open between 8am to 5pm: 02 610 4000

Al Ain Hospital
Al Ain hospital provides a wide range of general and specialist clinical services. It has been managed by the Vienna Medical University and VAMED since 2007
The hospital is in the process of revamping its Child Health Institute that will target paediatric medical conditions that are particular to the region.
Tel: + 971 3 763 5888
Fax: +972 3 763 4322

Tawam Hospital
Tawam Hospital is located in Al Ain and managed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International. It operates a polyclinic that provides medical services on an outpatient basis.
Tel: +971 3 7074100
+971 3 7074101
+971 3 7074102
+971 3 7074103

New Medical Centre
New Medical Centre is a privately-owned hospital that houses an emergency room, an urgent care clinic, a 24-hour clinic as well as providing other hospital services.
Tel: +971 2 633 2255
+971 2 617 9310
+971 2 617 9370

Al Noor
Al Noor provides full medical facilities, and has branches throughout Abu Dhabi, and one branch in Al Ain.
Tel: +971 2 6 265 265
+971 2 61 39 220