Snowman built in the Heart of Europe development at The World, Dubai

To celebrate the hottest day ever recorded in the UAE, a snowman has been built

On July 30, 2002, temperatures hit a record high of 52.1°C in the UAE. To mark the anniversary of the hottest day ever recorded here, the Heart of Europe - a mega development project on The World archipelago, off the coast of Dubai - came up with a unique idea.

What better way to celebrate the country's hottest day than by building something that is also rarely seen in these parts and which would not survive the heat: a snowman.

Frozen figures aside, one of the projects that is being worked on in the cluster is temperature-controlled streets, so that residents will be able to enjoy a range of weather conditions – as if they were in Europe itself.

To test it out, the team produced snow in the late July summer heat, with enough flakes to build a snowman, albeit one set against a distinctly tropical backdrop.

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