New viral challenge asks social media users, ‘How hard did ageing hit you?’

Naturally, celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Biel are getting involved with throwbacks of their own

If you’ve noticed a lot of throwbacks on your timeline this week, this is why.

The first viral moment of 2019 is here with the ‘How hard did ageing hit you?’ challenge. It’s been all over social media in recent days, with people around the world posting almost unrecognisably old photos of themselves, along with a much fresher-faced new snap.

Also dubbed the “2009 vs. 2019” and the #10yearchallenge, it’s gone viral very quickly.

The rules aren’t set in stone – it’s the internet, when are they ever? – and some participants have used their first-ever Facebook photo, while others have stuck to the 10-year guidelines, going back to 2009.

True to form, Chrissy Teigen brought some humour to the challenge with a Googled throwback photo, noting that while she may have changed, her husband, John Legend, has not.

And the comparisons have been just as impressive with people who aren’t famous getting involved.

British blogger Susie Verrill posted her throwback comparison:

As did vlogger Andira Hadley, really highlighting just how young she still is:

Celebrities ageing in reverse

Plenty of celebrities have taken part in the viral challenge, with many looking like they have missed the point, having barely aged a day in their comparisons.

Jessica Biel paid tribute to some very 2009 hair and tan trends, writing, "What a difference ten years can make! Although I do still have a lot of love for my tan lines, hoops and blonde days... #10YearChallenge"

Whereas Lori Loughlin and Candace Cameron Bure don’t seem to have changed at all:

Kevin Hart also looks very similar to his throwback shot, but joked in his caption, “2009 vs 2019....this challenge has shown me that I simply have an old man's face”.

LeAnn Rimes seemingly relished the opportunity to write about the privilege of ageing on Instagram, despite looking extremely fresh-faced in each of her photo choices.

"So crazy to dig into pics from 10 years ago. I love ageing! Wisdom comes with a wrinkle or two... and I’ll take it! The woman I am in 2019 is way more joyful, settled, connected and peaceful than I was 10 years ago and I’m still expanding into all of these pieces of myself," Rimes wrote on the social site. "I am grateful for who I was in 2009, who I am now and every version of me in between. I look forward to creating more smile lines."

Samuel L Jackson also got involved and, ignoring the albeit-loose rules of the 10-year challenge, threw it back to 1969.

However, there is one undisputed celebrity winner of the #10yearchallenge, the most ageless man in Hollywood: Pharrell Williams.


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