The new hybrid Toyota Camry shown off for first time in Dubai – in pictures

The car's fuel-economy figures are mighty impressive, as petrol prices continue to rise

The Toyota Camry HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) was unveiled at the InterContinental Festival City in Dubai last night, as it goes on sale to the general public in the UAE for the first time.

With petrol prices continuing to climb in the Emirates, fuel economy and green driving looks set to become increasingly important to motorists.

The Camry HEV's impressive claimed rate of 3.8 lites per 100 kilometres puts it firmly in the territory of hybrid bestseller and Toyota stablemate the Prius.

That represents, Toyota says, 70 per cent better economy than a petrol-driven 2.5-litre Camry.

The car features regenerative breaking to aid those figures, while its power output is 208hp – 30hp more than the regular Camry.

The HEV has been used by commercial ventures, initially in limited quantities, since 2008, but is now available in Toyota showrooms across the UAE, from Dh133,500.


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