Video game-inspired Rezvani Vengeance is the SUV that might survive an apocalypse

California motor company's latest car comes equipped with a range of security features including pepper spray-emitting wing mirrors

The design for Rezvani Motors' latest SUV, Rezvani Vengeance, was inspired by video games. Photo: Rezvani Motors / Instagram
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Forget heated seats and gesture controls, a souped-up SUV designed by Rezvani Motors in California is armed to the teeth with military-grade specs that you'd hopefully never have to use — unless there's an apocalypse, of course.

Unveiled last week at The Scottsdale Auction in Arizona, the seven-seater Rezvani Vengeance comes with a range of security features including electrified door handles to prevent break-ins, pepper spray-emitting wing mirrors, bulletproof glass and blinding strobe lights.

The car can also release a "smoke screen" at the push of a button to confuse anyone following you, while an electromagnetic pulse protection allows the vehicle to steer away from perceived danger automatically. Customers can also choose to swap the tyres with those made with wheel band technology, which provides the capability to drive heavily damaged tyres to a safe location and prevents them from coming off the wheel.

A fully-loaded survival kit is also available, with military-grade gas masks, a hypothermia kit and a first-aid kit.

The Rezvani Vengeance is so armed that The Guardian called it a "weaponised monster".

"The goal was to put a science-fiction video game concept car in people's driveways," said Rezvani Motors founder and chief executive Ferris Rezvani.

For those not quite battle ready, a standard model is also available, with a starting price of $285,000, and with less-menacing features such as collision warning technology, augmented reality-fused navigation and futuristic displays embedded in the windscreen.

Created by video games designer Milen Ivanov, Rezvani Motors first revealed the concept for Rezvani Vengeance last year.

"With some of the most imaginative vehicles still trapped in video games, it sparked an idea — to bring a vehicle once available only in the virtual world to the real world," it said.

The son of a fighter pilot whose dreams of becoming one himself didn't materialise owing to health reasons, Rezvani founded his company in 2014 to “create an extreme sports car that gave drivers the opportunity to experience the same exhilaration and G-forces behind the wheel".

Vengeance is the company's third SUV, with the two previous models — Tank and Hercules — also available with military options.

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Updated: January 31, 2023, 10:12 AM