Audi Skysphere unveiled in Dubai before going on display at Museum of the Future

The German brand’s concept vehicle got an early show before being exhibited at Dubai’s innovation-celebrating attraction

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Audi’s Skysphere concept vehicle garnered attention around the globe when it was first unveiled in picture form in 2021, but it is only now making its Middle East debut.

The manufacturer showed the car to a handful of motoring enthusiasts in Dubai, before the roadster was whisked off to go on display at the city’s Museum of the Future.

The Skysphere is an electric-powered, two-door convertible, which unlike many concept cars, actually works in real life.

As with almost all vehicles with an eye on what is to come, autonomous driving is a key feature of the new arrival.

It has an interior that is customisable in all manner of ways (the steering wheel doesn’t have to be on show, for example), and it exists within what Audi refers to as a seamless digital ecosystem.

The Skysphere was created by combining modern digital design techniques with traditional craftsmanship, and it was a collaboration between the Audi Design Loft, which is in Malibu, US, and the brand's German team in Ingolstadt.

It will be at home in its new display setting as Audi sees it as an example of the brand’s vision for the “progressive luxury segment of the future”.

The setting for the reveal was a warehouse space in the city’s Alserkal Avenue district, which was in keeping with the spirit of innovation Audi clearly wished to convey.

Bear in mind this remains a concept car, though, so you won’t be seeing one on the roads any time soon.

You can, however, view the Skysphere, alongside its automotive sibling the Grandsphere, at the Museum of the Future now.

Updated: April 05, 2022, 4:15 PM