Huda Al Malaak's designs are fit for the stars

The Emirati designer Huda al Malaak is debuting a new line of abayas and accessories at the Dubai International Film Festival 2012 VIP Lounge.
Huda Al Malaak's autumn/winter collection will be among the ranges shown. Courtesy Huda Al Malaak
Huda Al Malaak's autumn/winter collection will be among the ranges shown. Courtesy Huda Al Malaak

What are you showing in the lounge?

We have a range of turbans that we're gifting; some signature ones will go to the A-listers and then the main collection to others. There will also be a range of gowns and abayas on display plus jalabiya-inspired pieces. In addition, my Spring/Summer 2013 and Autumn/Winter 2012 collections will be there.

Tell me about the bespoke celebrity pieces you've designed.

Cate Blanchett has a very regal look and is very pretty, so I thought blue would be a great colour for her pale skin tone and pink-flushed cheeks. So there's a Cate-inspired jalabiya piece for her.

Without a fitting, how did you get her measurements right?

You can get them from their publicists. They are also commonly available on the internet.

Is there any guarantee she'll wear the jalabiya or take it home?

Well, it's being given to her personally, so fingers crossed. There's also one celebrity almost guaranteed to wear our designs but I can't say who just yet.

How much would it cost me to buy the Cate-inspired design off the rack?

It would be Dh4,500 for that piece and you can buy it at my boutique in Jumeirah Terrace in Dubai or stockists including Symphony, Saks and Ush in the UAE.

What have you created for Freida Pinto?

She'll get a turban and a piece from the Spring/Summer 2013 line that we've kept aside for her. I think it will look amazing on her because she has a lovely petite figure and curves in the right places. It's a midriff cropped top and skirt, a very modern and edgy piece.

Did another celebrity provide inspiration for your forthcoming range?

Yes, Rihanna. I love her. So many of my spring/summer pieces have been influenced by her. She's very edgy and not afraid to experiment or take risks in everything she does, which I think is great. Even my choice of bold-patterned fabrics and designs of turbans has a distinctly Caribbean flavour, reflecting her roots.

The VIP Lounge at DIFF runs until Sunday at Al Qasr Hotel at Madinat Jumeirah. For more information, visit

Published: December 12, 2012 04:00 AM


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