The sleek bob is reinvented as 'a modern and classic look' for winter 2022

The latest version of the enduring and evolving hairstyle is glossy, chic and with a centre part

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When it comes to hairstyles that never go out of style, the bob is one of the most enduring.

Famously adaptive, it suits all face shapes, styles and ages, and constantly evolves, not just generationally, but also to fit in with the relentless seasonal fashion cycle.

There have been several variations of the classic bob this year alone — including the sliced bob with its razor-sharp edges a la Ana de Armas in The Gray Man, which was an homage to one of the most famous cinematic bobs of all time — the one Uma Thurman's character, Mia Wallace, sported in in Pulp Fiction.

There is also the bixie(a mix of a bob and a pixie cut), the octopus ( that features layered tendrils) and the boy bob( a looser interpretation of the chin-length style).

This summer, the "modern Diana" — Gen Z’s version of the British royal's voluminous, layered look — blew up on TikTok.

“Although not always the number one trend, this classic and timeless style will always and forever remain a fan favourite and variations will update it each year, so it remains culturally and fashionably relevant,” says Carrie Fee, senior stylist at Pastels Salon Jumeirah.

Adding: “Short hair took 2022 by storm and the sleek chin-length bob was a showstopper for many celebrities on the red carpet. A bob is one of the few haircuts that gives women the power to completely change their projected image with small styling changes.”

New season, new bob

Ana de Armas wore a sleek bob as Dani Miranda in Netflix's 'The Gray Man'. Photo: Netflix

With the new season comes a new version, the sleekness of which fits in perfectly with winter style, and will look just as good peeking out from under a beanie hat, as it will being whipped up by the wind during a blustery festive getaway.

“A chic jawline bob is a low-maintenance way to wear the trend as if any longer — right on or just past the shoulder — it will be tough to prevent your hair from flipping out on your shoulders,” says Sam Carpenter, hair artist and educator at Eideal.

The sleek bob this season has already found favour with actresses Claire Danes, Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams, who have all hit recent red carpets sporting the same sleek, glossy style and all in the same blond hue.

Promoting her new TV series, Fleishman Is In Trouble, Danes showed off the latest in a long line of bobs, a hairstyle which has become synonymous with the star.

Chic and grown-up

Model Bella Hadid wears a blunt, centre-parted bob. Photo: Getty Images

British actress Mulligan has also made the bob her own, showing off the latest version at the recent Lacma Art and Film Gala in Los Angeles.

Ditching the long locks of her early career for a timeless bob, Mulligan switches up the styling — wearing it either straightened or tousled.

Williams was spotted on The Fabelmans red carpet at the AFI festival in Los Angeles this week sporting a sleek bob — after years of maintaining her signature pixie.

“Blunt, sleek and seriously sharp chin-length bobs are currently enjoying a moment in the spotlight thanks to its ability to channel both a modern and classic look,” says Carpenter.

“I think this chic style is back in vogue as a total alternative to the more casual styles that were popular as a direct result of the pandemic. People want to get dressed up now and the hair equivalent of this chic and grown-up approach to fashion is the classic bob.”

Updated: November 11, 2022, 4:54 AM