Business Extra podcast: All about health care, part 1

The first of a two-part podcast series looks at the current state of the UAE's emerging healthcare sector.

The Business Extra podcast for the next two weeks takes a deep dive into the growing healthcare sector in the UAE.

With the perspective of professionals on the ground, we discuss insurance, the provision of health care and how it compares to other developed nations, the investment opportunities in the sector and how primary healthcare is coming into its own in the country.

This week, host Mustafa Alrawi speaks to Foundation Holdings' Abhishek Sharma about the opportunity in the value healthcare segment. He also provides a broad look at the UAE healthcare sector as it stands today.

We also get insights on the region from Bupa Global's Karim Idilby. He explained how the sector is marked by competition, health care’s rising costs and the push for quality.

And Intercare Health Centre founder Rashid Tabari explains how primary healthcare is a growing business in the UAE.