Am I banned from working in UAE if I resign after 15 months?

Keren Bobker helps a worker who has resigned due to low salary for someone with a bachelor of science degree.

I have been with my employer for one year and three months. I want to resign and have given one month’s notice. I have resigned as my salary is very low and the company does not care about its staff. I have a bachelor of science but am just working in sales. What can I do? Will I be banned from working in the UAE now? FM, Sharjah

If anyone leaves a job during the first two years they will automatically receive an employment ban of six months. This is generally fixed, but there are provisions in place for a ban to be lifted if someone moves job after having worked for an employer for a full calendar year. A six-month ban can be lifted if the employee moves to another job or company but with the same sponsor, such as in the same free zone, or moves to a job with a minimum salary of Dh5,000 for high school diploma holders; Dh7,000 for post-secondary school diploma holders, or Dh12,000 if they hold a bachelor’s degree. This means that to stay in the UAE, FM must find a new job with a basic salary of at least Dh12,000. These rules and provisions apply across the UAE, although there can be slight variations as to how they are applied in each emirate

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Published: May 18, 2014 04:00 AM


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