Hummingbird isn't the career progression Jason Statham needs

A mix of gritty London-set tale and choreographed violence, Hummingbird is a missed opportunity.

Jason Statham in Hummingbird. Courtesy Lionsgate
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Director: Steven Knight
Starring: Jason Statham

Jason Statham is a homeless veteran who assumes a new identity to start again on the streets of London, only to find escaping its violent underworld a difficult task.

The director Steven Knight (he wrote Eastern Promises) has a gritty style that simply doesn't blend with the flair and fantasy of a Statham action film: the choreographed violence feels at odds with the grimly portrayed London. Statham gives it his best but ultimately lacks conviction.

What could have been a film that advances Statham's career proves to be simply more of the same. Hummingbird proves only that Statham is best suited to action, and Knight best suited to drama.


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