BTS fans are coming up with creative ways to preserve their McDonald's meal packaging

The pop group's signature meal hit 50 countries around the world and its limited run ends on June 28

It was one of the most anticipated food collaborations of the year and when McDonald’s BTS Meal finally arrived in late May, to say fans were excited is an understatement.

The BTS Meal, which includes 10-piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke and sweet chilli and Cajun dipping sauces, inspired by recipes from McDonald's South Korea, also comes with special BTS-themed purple packaging used on cups and bags.

Launching in 50 countries, including the UAE on June 1, fans have seemingly made the most of the time they have before the meal deal ends on Monday. From creating custom shoes to decorating unique photo frames, the BTS Army has been serious about preserving their memories.

Here's a look at some of the most creative ways fans have preserved the packaging from their BTS Meal over the past few weeks.

Custom trainers

Singaporean artist and fashion designer Josiah Chua created his own custom trainers using pieces from the meal's packaging.

Bucket hat

Jazmin Reyes, a radio DJ in the Philippines, also made good use of the packaging by turning the containers into a bag and bucket hat, while also sharing a tutorial of how she did it.


One fan in the Philippines turned the wrapping into keychains with floral decorations, and also preserved chicken nuggets in resin.

Custom journal

A more traditional way of preserving musical memorabilia, another fan documented the creation of a journal, decorated with the meal's packaging, with cut out photos of the members of BTS.

Phone case

One fan couldn't stand to part with the packaging after getting the meal, and chose to put part of it underneath her transparent phone case to make a custom phone cover.

Custom earrings

One artist in the US, KristyNeal, turned the lids of the special dipping sauces into earrings with different designs on the reverse.

BTS Robot

Another TikTok-er got playful, creating a BTS robot, made with packaging and with the photo of (presumably) her favourite member. She calls this "Robo Jin".

Exhibition box

And finally, for those who may not feel super creative, but want to preserve the memory of the meal anyway, there is the exhibition route. One fan has chosen to keep the packaging of their meal in a transparent plastic box, giving it all the majesty of a museum artefact.


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