Tamer Hosny recalls tough childhood years when he worked 'in the streets'

The Egyptian singer and actor posts a lengthy social media message to motivate despairing fans

AbuDhabi, United Arab Emirates-November 01, 2012; Tamer Hosny  Egyptian singer performs in AbuDhabi. (  Satish Kumar / The National ) For News
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Tamer Hosny has offered fans a reminder of his tougher days long before he became one of the Arab world’s biggest celebrities.

The Egyptian singer and actor uploaded a lengthy post in Arabic on his Facebook and Instagram accounts on Sunday, recalling when he worked odd jobs to support his single mother.

Hosny's father is Egyptian singer Hosni Sharif, who separated from Syrian wife Fatima Al Sabbagh when Tamer was 7, leaving her to raise him and older brother Hossam, with limited means.

Hosny recalled working various jobs, including playing professional football, to support the household.

“I went to work in the streets from a petrol station worker to a supermarket and then an actor,” he said.

“When I was playing soccer, my salary was 22 [Egyptian] pounds per month, of which I spent on water and electricity and my brother’s operations because he was ill for a long time.”

Hosny said he kept alive his dreams of being either a professional football player or singer throughout his youth. He followed “the signs” that ultimately pointed towards a career in the arts.

He explains the post is meant to inspire his young fanbase, who in their comments on his social media accounts exhibited signs of "despair from a lack of success and hurting those closest to you”.

To overcome dark moments, Hosny urges his followers to stay the course, keep the faith and remain optimistic.

"For those frustrated by others, remember that it is you listening to them and allowing them to affect you," he said.

"So don't be the reason for hurting yourself. Positive people will find good things in this world, so don't be a negative person."

This is not the first time Hosny has sent encouraging messages to Arab youth. In a rare in-depth interview with Egyptian TV host Amr Adib on the talk show El Hekaya, he warned against the destructive effects of inaction.

The feeling of being stuck, he said, is a killer of creativity and people should strive to remove themselves from unhealthy situations.

“If you don't like your place in life right now, then only you can change that because you are not a statue or a tree,” he said.

“I have learnt this from my experiences where there were so many times that things didn’t work and I felt lost.

“I had to make as many changes as I could until I got to a stage where I was blessed with success.”

Hosny certainly has a lot to be positive about at the moment.

He was the king of the Saudi box office during the Eid Al Adha holidays with romantic comedy Bahebek (I Love You), which grossed $2.3 million over four days in the kingdom, Variety reported.

The film's success comes on the back of Hosny launching his latest album Aashaangy at Al Alamein Festival on Egypt's north coast.

Hosny recently announced a return concert date in Saudi Arabia in the Jeddah Superdome on August 26. Tickets are now available at www.ticketmx.com.

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