Tamer Hosny on inspiring Arab youth and the Emirati hit song he wishes he recorded

The Egyptian singer and actor sat down for a revealing interview with popular Arabic talk show host Amr Adib

Pop star Tamer Hosny was a guest on Amr Adib's popular talk show 'El Hekaya'. Getty Images
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Tamer Hosny is firing on all cylinders.

In addition to starring in the latest regional box-office hit Mesh Ana, the superstar singer and actor is also busy in the studio preparing for the release of his anticipated album Khaleek Folazy.

And there is more material on the way.

In a rare in-depth interview, Hosny sat down with Egyptian TV host Amr Adib on talk show El Hekaya and revealed he we was working on a series of cover songs.

Through the hour-long discussion, broadcast on Wednesday, Hosny also spoke on a number of topics such as how he keeps himself inspired on-screen and onstage, filming Mesh Ana in Saudi Arabia and his advice to Arab youths who feel stuck in life.

Here are five takeaways from that conversation:

1. He's going back to the classics

Hosny is working on music old and new.

In addition to releasing the singles Mabatalnash Ehsas and this week’s Behbek from the coming album Khaleek Folazy, Hosny says he is also recording covers of songs by artists that influenced him.

An example of which is a recently released new version of Hany Shaker's 1988 hit Nesyanak Saab Akeed.

“This is more of an ongoing project than an album,” he said.

“I want people to know that Tamer Hosny didn’t come from thin air and that I have studied and been influenced by some amazing artists who I want show appreciation to.”

Honsy said some of the artists he plans to pay tribute to include Egyptian singers Ali El Haggar, Medhat Saleh and Mohamed Mounir.

“These great singers are like schools that influenced many of us,” Hosny said.

“They had their own unique sound and presentation. It’s a charisma that can’t just re-created.”

2. He's filming in Saudi Arabia

Without spoiling the plot of Mesh Ana, which centres on the fraying mental health of Hassan (played by Hosny), a large part of the film is shot in Riyadh.

Hosny, who also produced the film, praised Saudi Arabia's General Entertainment Authority for facilitating the shoot.

“Everything to make the film a smooth process was done out of affection for the art,” he said.

“A good example was a scene in the film that was shot in this huge theatre. I only requested to use a part of it but the Saudi team gave it to us anyway.

“That scene featured a live audience full of Saudi’s and those living in the kingdom, they were so enthusiastic and it was just a wonderful experience.”

3. It’s all about relationships

Hosny is a big believer in positive vibes when it comes to his acting.

With the job being heavy on collaboration, Hosny said he prefers to work with people he shares an affinity with.

“There are occasions where I am offered scripts and chances to work with these amazing and hugely successful actors and directors. But with all due respect, that has never really been my motivation.”

In addition to talent, Hosny said he also looks for an infectious enthusiasm from his peers.

“This is why you will see a lot of times I work with first-time directors like Sara Wafiq on Mesh Ana. I feel that if we get along and we agree on the concept, then I trust them to bring their vision to the work.

“I found in my career this approach has been successful.”

4. His message to the youth

Hosny advised Arab youths to be weary of inertia.

The feeling of being stuck, he said, is a killer of creativity and we should strive to remove ourselves from unhealthy situations.

“If you don't like your place in life right now then only you can change that because you are not a statue or a tree,” he said.

“I have learnt this from my experiences where there were so many times that things didn’t work and I felt lost.

“I had to make as many changes as I could until I got to a stage where I was blessed with success.”

5. The song he wishes he sang

Even chart success doesn’t remove that little bit of jealousy.

Hosny, known for his hits Omry Ebtada and Dayman Maak, said he still feels the occasional pang when hearing a killer track he wishes he had recorded.

“But that doesn't mean if I did, it would have been a hit in the same way,” he said.

“A lot of the times a song is written with a particular voice in mind and the hit song comes together from different elements including the composer’s and the artist’s talent as well as the production.”

Hosny revealed that Emirati star Hussain Al Jassmi’s 2020 track Bel Bont El Areed is one of those tracks.

“It is so great and I admire it so much,” he said.

“I actually called Al Jassmi to congratulate him on the track and told him how I would just sing it all the time.”

Updated: July 16, 2021, 7:40 AM