'Mabatalnash Ehsas': Tamer Honsy wants us to feel the love with new single

The Egyptian pop star is back with new track from upcoming album, 'Khaleek Folazy'

RABAT, MOROCCO - MAY 18 : Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny performs during the16th International Mawazine Music Festival in Morocco, Rabat on May 18, 2017. (Photo by Jalal Morchidi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
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Tamer Hosny’s new single maintains his position as an Arab pop juggernaut.

Within hours of Mabatalnash Ehsas ('We Haven't Stopped Feeling') being released, the song topped the region's trending charts on YouTube with over 1.1 million streams.

The success of the single underscores the anticipation surrounding Hosny's upcoming album Khaleek Folazy.

Originally scheduled for release during the Eid Al Adha break in August, the album was pushed back to allow Honsy time to record extra songs. He officially announced the completion of the album on his Instagram on August 2.

Judging by the breezy pop of Mabatalnash Ehsas and the team working on the album, we should expect a crowd pleaser of a release. Carried by leisurely Egyptian percussion and summery strings, Mabatalnash Ehsas is vintage Hosny as he croons about the wisdom earned with time. "We grew up to understand that pain comes and goes so it can to teach us," he sings. "We may have stopped loving more, but we haven't stop feeling."

Composed by Mohammed Hamza (who was behind the hit Salamat by Mohamed Hassan), he is part of a star-studded team of Arabic pop producers and lyricists working on Hosny's album, including songwriters Mohamed Rahim and Amir Teima.

While there is no official release date yet, it is safe to assume Khaleek Folazy will follow Hosny's previous album release strategy in that it will be paired with a feature film.

Hosny is also working on the finishing touches to the drama Mesh Ana ('Not Me').

Currently in post-production and with a script written by Honsy, the film centres on the close relationship between his character, Hassan, and ailing mother played by actress Sawsan Badar.

Shot in the studios of Egyptian Media Production City and the urban districts of Wust El Balad and Dokki, the film was one of a string of Egyptians productions that had to reschedule exterior shoots due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hosny, who starred in films Elfelos ('The Money') and El Badla ('The Suit') in 2019 and 2018 respectively, said that branching out to the movie and television world was always part of his career plans.

"I always wanted to be in this position. I never really saw music and film in separation, they both complete each other," he told The National in 2017.

“I didn’t want to be like someone else. I wanted to be different and in some way original, so perhaps other artists can follow me. I wanted to show a new way of doing things, in that you can sing, compose, write and act.”