Pop star Tamer Hosny is all charisma at Abu Dhabi Eid concert

After dressing the Egyptian squad for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, the multifaceted artist is also preparing to release more apparel from his clothing line Birocci

Are we reaching peak Tamer Hosny?

The Egyptian star is making an impression across various fields. His latest single and cinematic video for Saa’ba is presently trending on YouTube, with more than 15 million streams over the span of three days. Hosny’s new film Mesh Ana also topped the Egyptian box office over the Eid holidays.

And on Friday, the Egyptian squad entered the arena of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony wearing suits designed by Hosny’s Italian fashion label Birocci.

If that’s not enough, Hosny's storming show at Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Arena on Friday night came on the back of a sold-out concert in the Egyptian coastal city of El Alamein last week.

“Alhamdulillah, things are going well,” Hosny told the gathered press before his Abu Dhabi gig. “While I am doing a lot of things at the moment, everything has been done with a deep study and organisation.

“I work hard in everything I do and tonight, it’s about the music and I look forward to playing in Abu Dhabi, a city which means a lot to me.”

Taking risks

But first, let’s talk fashion: how did the Olympics tie-up with Birocci come about?

Hosny is tight-lipped, preferring the commentary surrounding the Egyptian squad to be focused on the athletes.

However, more Birocci apparel is planned for release. “The first official line was [made] for the Olympic squad which I am very proud about,” he says.

“While I can’t reveal too much at the moment, what I can say is more clothes will be launched in various styles. We are taking it one step at a time.”

The Arab film industry is reviving amid the pandemic and Hosny says he has a front-row seat.

He says the success of Mesh Ana, a comedy-drama centred on a man named Hassan (Hosny) who needs to come to terms with his physiological affliction, is down to more than public hunger for the big screen.

"The film talks about brave topics, such as mental health for example, and the way that it is done is adventurous," he says.

"We have been blessed in that the movie and the songs coming from that [topics] are doing well for us right now."

Hosny brings Vegas vibes to Abu Dhabi

Clad in a sports jacket and sneakers, Hosny was every bit the summer act at Etihad Arena, performing a fun and charismatic set.

While Hosny had the crowd in his hands from the onset, his work ethic was in full display with the dynamic set-list showcasing various parts of his career.

The trio of tracks from Mesh Ana went down a treat with Mesh Temsal, Bahebak and Saab’a serving a deft mix of balladry and breezy pop.

This is a move Hosny has perfected over the years.

Where a decade ago, Hosny would occasionally go on half-baked explorations into EDM and even hip-hop, he seemed to have found his groove as an old school crooner. There is even a bit of the Las Vegas touch to his quick-witted banter with the crowd, with romantic hits Bainak Wa Bainy and Mabatalnash Ehsas.

It’s the kind of comfort giving Hosny the confidence to achieve whatever he sets his sights on.

Updated: July 24th 2021, 4:14 PM
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