The Chainsmokers will be making music and history in space

Electric pop DJ duo will be the first group to perform up to 32km above Earth

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall's flight will last six to 12 hours, during which they will perform some of their biggest hits. AP
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The Chainsmokers are planning to make history, but in space this time.

The electronic pop DJ duo have partnered with space tourism company World View to record a performance on the edge of space in 2024.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, who’ve had five Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits as a duo, have signed up to get into a pressurised capsule fastened to a stratospheric balloon that will take them 32 kilometes above Earth.

“We have always dreamed of going to space and are stoked to collaborate with World View to have this adventure and experience,” they said.

Their flight into space will last six to 12 hours, a portion of which will consist of them performing some of their biggest hits.

“We know the views of both Earth and space are going to be incredible and inspiring and we hope to leverage this flight for creativity on future projects.”

Since their 2014 viral breakthrough #Selfie, The Chainsmokers have won a number of awards such as a Grammy, two American Music Awards, and in 2019 they dethroned Calvin Harris as the highest-paid DJ.

Their string of hits, which have had a knack for going viral, include Don't Let Me Down and Something Just Like This a collaboration with Coldplay in 2017. Their mega-hit Paris, which was released in 2017, recently went viral, this time on TikTok as the unofficial anthem for those opposing the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade.

Their latest single, High, was released in January this year, on the same day as the music video, which received more than a million views in less than 24 hours.

While going viral from the edge of space doesn't seem out of the realms of possibility for The Chainsmokers, this isn’t the first time music has travelled from out of the world.

In 2011, Nasaasked to write and produce a song for Curiosity Rover's landing on Mars.

The result was’s Reach For The Stars, which became the first song in history to be broadcast from another planet.

The Chainsmokers's gig will be the first-ever space performance.

Updated: August 01, 2022, 8:10 AM