'BTS Heardle': fans can test their knowledge of the K-pop band with new take on 'Wordle'

The Army are taking to Twitter to prove just how well they know the septet's discography

Every day, a new song from the BTS discography will be used for 'BTS Heardle'. AP
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You have likely heard of the word game Wordle, you may even have heard of Quordle and Heardle, but have you heard of BTS Heardle? If you're a K-pop fan, or member of the BTS Army, it is likely that you have.

Much like Wordle, the once-a-day linguistic game, BTS Heardle gives fans, who are well versed in the band's many hits, a daily opportunity to guess a song by the South Korean septet in a BTS-appropriate seven attempts.

For guess one, there are lyrics in English and Korean as a hint, then for the subsequent six guesses snippets of the song are played, increasing in length with each guess. As with Wordle, the intention is to guess the answer in as few tries as possible and fans are then encouraged to share their scores on social media.

Every day, a new song from the BTS discography will be used. Tuesday's first clue, for example, is the lyrics, "I reject rejection. I’m too cool from the beginning. Everyone copies me".

The game, created by fans who manage the Twitter account @BTSChartData, is already a hit and #BTSHeardle is trending globally. The musical game can be played on both PCs and mobile devices.

The majority of fans who have shared their score on Twitter have guessed the song in one or two attempts. Incorrect guesses are shown with a red square emoji, while correct guesses are indicated via BTS-purple.

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'Wordle'-mania: Which countries are best at the game?

A new study by website Word Tips has revealed which countries have the best Wordle scores.

The most efficient nation at guessing the daily riddle is Sweden, with the average player guessing the right word in 3.72 tries.

That's followed by Switzerland, with an average of 3.78 guesses, and Poland in third place with 3.79.

People in Belgium and Australia take 3.8 goes each, while in Finland it's 3.81 and Denmark, Brazil and South Africa are tied with 3.83.

In 10th place it's Israel, where they take 3.84 attempts to get the right word. The UAE comes in joint 11th position with Ireland, where people take an average of 3.87 guesses.

Updated: March 22, 2022, 1:41 PM