Sharon Stone and Ibrahim Maalouf collaborate on powerful 'Our Flag' music video

The actress wrote and performed her own lyrics for the single

Sharon Stone in a scene from Ibrahim Maalouf's music video for 'Our Flag'. Photo: YouTube
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French-Lebanese jazz trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf has collaborated with actress Sharon Stone on a new musical project, Our Flag, to highlight the injustices of the world.

Our Flag is the third music video from Maalouf’s 15th studio album Capacity to Love. Directed by Maalouf and Nicolas Tussing, the music video fuses the Lebanese musician's unique sound of classic Arabic music and jazz, with Stone reciting her own lyrics.

The first part of the video is a montage of images depicting many of the immediate issues affecting the world today.

It opens with inspirational and powerful images of nature superimposed against urban landscapes, a foetus in the womb, people gathering and the sun setting. The music and images then suddenly shift to a more alarming and sobering tone.

We see pollution in the seas, glaciers melting, forest fires, refugees on boats, harrowing images cut between stirring shots of mountain peaks, smiling children, amazing architecture and footage of past and present world leaders, including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Nelson Mandela Concluding the clip is footage of two-year-old Syrian boy Alan Kurdi on the beach after drowning in 2015 amid the European refugee crisis.

The video then cuts to Stone sitting cross-legged in a meditative pose staring directly into camera with tears in her eyes as she recites lyrics in a poetic spoken-word style.

“This nation needs a vacation, from the presentation of your hesitation, you cannot stop your disassociation, from the unethical beautification of your campaign negotiation,” her monologue begins as the camera slowly pans closer to her.

Stone continues to recite lyrics, telling America that she loves it and the world that she is sorry for the country’s mistakes, saying she wants a leader who stands for the right values. The video ends with an extreme close-up of the actress with tears running down her face.

Stone made a career playing femme fatales in the 1990s thanks to critically acclaimed roles in Basic Instinct and Casino. In the years since, Stone has also been socially active in philanthropy and activism lending her name and platform to a number of humanitarian causes.

Updated: November 04, 2022, 8:50 AM