Egyptian television and film star Salah Abdallah recovers from heart attack

He was taken to a hospital after complaining of chest pains

Actor Salah Abdallah is recovering from a heart attack.

The much loved Egyptian personality, 66, took to Facebook on Friday to thank fans for their support by quoting the poem Al Insan Al Afdal (The Best Person) by Ahmed Saeed.

“The world never laughed or cried, but you were laughing and crying,” the post read.

“You are very lucky when you thought that love makes you the strongest and that purity of heart makes you the best.

“That kindness, clarity and frankness are what make you the best person."

Abdallah was taken to hospital in Egypt on Tuesday after experiencing chest pains earlier in the week.

Donia Salah Abdallah shared the news on her father’s ordeal on his Instagram account yesterday, along with a picture of his catheterised hand.

"The day before yesterday, 'Baba' felt chest pain, and along the way to the hospital he had a heart attack," she said. "God willing, he will be released from the hospital tomorrow."

Abdallah reportedly underwent a heart catheterisation procedure and received a heart stent.

It is unclear whether Abdallah has been discharged as of yet.

News of Abdallah's recovery was met with relief from fans and Arab celebrities on social media.

Egyptian actress Rania Farid Shawky said on Instagram: "My best wishes to the best of the best. May God cure, restore you and give you safety"

Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk tweeted: "Blessings Uncle Salah who is loved by everyone. My best wishes for your speedy and long-lasting recovery."

Egyptian footballer Hany Ramzy said: "Wishing your heart recovery my dear.”

Born in Cairo, Abdallah's career spans over four decades with starring comedic and dramatic roles in television, movies and on the stage.

His best-known roles include the uproarious 2003 comedy films Film Hindi and 2008's Al-Fadi Ya'mel Eh.

He was most recently seen in the Ramadan romantic drama series Khalli Balak Min Zizi.

Updated: August 7th 2021, 1:13 PM
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