Protests, walkouts and sit-ins take place across the US in support of Gaza

Healthcare workers in Philadelphia, law students in New York and an indigenous organisation in California have all registered protest events

People participate in the Washington pro-Palestine protest on November 4. Getty Images / AFP
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Dozens of student organisations and activist groups across the US are planning to engage in pro-Palestine events on Thursday, as calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war grow.

The events, registered on the Shut It Down for Palestine website, include rallies, sit-ins, teach-ins, film screenings and others focused on ending the violence.

“Across the world, millions of people are engaging in demonstrations and organising major marches in solidarity with Palestine,” the website says.

“Our demands for an immediate ceasefire, cutting all aid to Israel and lifting the siege on Gaza have broader support than ever.”

Healthcare workers in Philadelphia, law students in New York and an indigenous organisation in California have registered demonstrations planned for Thursday.

Many of the events have been organised by student groups at universities, which have become a major point for activism in support of Gaza.

Included on the list is a protest outside the State Department in Washington, organised by groups including the Answer Coalition and the Palestinian Youth Movement.

Outside the State Department, a crowd of about 50 protesters chanted slogans including: “No more money for Israel’s slaughter.” Dozens of demonstrators stood in front of the State Department chanting “shame” as employees exited the building.

Also in Washington, the Museum of the Palestinian People will hold a community vigil on Thursday evening commemorating those killed in Gaza.

“Join walkouts, pickets of Israeli embassies and consulates, and pickets of companies profiting from Israeli occupation,” the Answer Coalition wrote on social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

“Be a part of the international call to action!”

The nationwide day of demonstrations takes place days after tens of thousands of people from across the country gathered in Washington to demand a ceasefire.

“We must keep building momentum and increase the pressure with more marches, walkouts, sit-ins and other forms of direct action directed at the political offices, businesses and workplaces that fund, invest and collaborate with Israeli genocide and occupation,” the website states.

Updated: November 09, 2023, 9:26 PM