Killer of Omani student in London jailed for life as brother condemns 'cowardly attack'

Judge tells Badir Al Nazi that he ‘knew what he was doing’ when he killed Mohammed Al Araimi in eight-second attack

The murderer of a wealthy Omani student near London department store Harrods has been sentenced to jail for life.

Badir Al Nazi fatally stabbed Mohammed Al Araimi, 20, the son of Oman developer Sheikh Abdullah Al Araimi, during an attack in 2019 that lasted only eight seconds.

In a statement read to the court, Al Araimi's brother, Raid, described his sibling as someone who "spread joy and kindness to anyone who crossed his path" and condemned his killing as a "cowardly attack".

"Mohammed was murdered in such a monstrous manner which has inflicted such pain on us which cannot be described," he said.

Police believe Al Nazi had gone out with a plan to find and rob a suitable victim and set his sights on Al Araimi, a student at King’s College London, because he was wearing a £37,000 Patek Philippe watch.

The Kuwaiti pounced on Al Araimi shortly after he left a restaurant with another student, Nasser Kanoo.

The friends were less than 10 metres down an alleyway when they were attacked from behind by Al Nazi and his accomplice, German citizen Arseboon Dilbaro, who had been laying in wait. Mr Kanoo was stabbed in the hip and recovered from his injury.

Al Araimi was stabbed once in the chest and tried to flee towards Harrods, where he collapsed by the shop’s Christmas tree. He died despite the best efforts of security staff and passers-by to save his life.

Judge Usha Karu told Al Nazi: "There is no doubt that you knew full well what you were doing when you used a knife that evening to murder Mr Al Araimi and wound Mr Kanoo. In the space of eight seconds a life was lost."

The court also heard a statement from Mr Kanoo, who said: “Never did I imagine that a casual dinner would evolve into the last time I would see my best friend Mohammed or the last time I could call him by his name.

“I can only hope the offenders realise that action, which lasted a mere eight seconds, has had a grave, detrimental impact on the lives of our loved ones.

“No matter what the motive was, there is no convincing enough reason to take an innocent life away and traumatise another.”

A jury at Inner London Crown Court last month found Al Nazi guilty of murdering Al Araimi and wounding Mr Kanoo. He will serve a minimum of 27 years.

Dilbaro was cleared of murder but convicted of wounding Mr Kanoo and was sentenced to 33 months in prison.

Updated: September 23rd 2021, 4:05 PM