Bahrain breaks up terrorist cell

Seven people arrested Interior ministry says to people arrested

Bahraini authorities have arrested seven people linked with terrorism.

In a statement on Thursday, the ministry of interior said those arrested were part of a 10-person cell suspected of carrying out terrorist activities. It explained the cell is led by Hussain Ali Ahmed Dawood, who is believed to be in Iran and who is a leader in the Ashtar Brigade, the terrorist wing of the Al Wafa Islamic Movement, which has claimed past bombings and attacks in Bahrain.

Dawood who has been sentenced to life imprisonment in three terrorism-related cases and 15 years in jail in another case, has links with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to the statement. He was accused of setting up and controlling various terror cells and planning attacks which resulted in the deaths of several policemen. His citizenship has been revoked.

The arrested men were named as: Hassan Maki Abas Hassan, 27, Mahmood Mohammed Ali Mulla Salem Al Bahrani, 33, Zainab Maki Abas, 34, Ameen Habeeb Ali Jassim, 32, Hussain Mohammed Hussain Khamees, 39, Hassan Atiyah Mohammed Saleh, 37, and Hussain Ibrahim Mohammed Hassan Dhaif, 27.

The search continues for the other alleged members of the cell.

Investigators also seized 127 kilos of high-grade explosives, as well as chemicals, automatic weapons, detonators, grenades and ammunition from residential addresses in four villages, which were allegedly used for making and storing bombs.

The search continues for the other alleged members of the terror cell.

Published: August 24, 2017 09:34 PM


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