Oman student murdered in London in tussle over watch

The 26-year-old was stabbed in the back during an apparent robbery attempt

LONDON 26th March 2018. The scene of the attack on an Emirati opposite Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. Stephen Lock for the National   Words: Caroline Byrne

A student from Oman has been stabbed and killed by robbers who were trying to snatch his expensive watch close to the luxury store Harrods in London, according to reports on Friday.

The Oman embassy identified the victim as Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Araimi, 26, from one of three fatal knife attacks within 12 hours in the capital.

A second man with the student was stabbed and is in hospital although he is expected to recover from his injuries.

The pair were heading home after visiting a restaurant when they were approached by two men who tried to rob them, said police.

The victim was reportedly chased and attacked before collapsing under a Christmas tree next to the store in the upmarket district of Knightsbridge. He had been stabbed in the back and died at the scene. His family has been told.

Andy Partridge, the officer heading the investigation, said: “It appears that the victims were going home having just attended a nearby restaurant.

“Although at an early stage, we believe that the victims were approached in order to steal property from them and were attacked during that encounter.”

Nobody has been arrested over the murder of Mr Araimi. Security experts have previously warned about the high rate of luxury watch thefts in some of the wealthiest areas of London amid concerns over the high level of violence and knife crime.

There were 141 homicides in the capital last year, the highest for a decade, according to government statistics, with the numbers on course to be similarly high in 2019.